3 Pink Hair Trends and How to Do Them

These days it’s not about being a unicorn or Beyoncé or even Batman. The trends are leading toward a new season of celebrating who you truly are on the inside. It’s about letting your true colors show, especially when it comes to featuring your hair as one of your favorite features and accessories. There is no need to stick to natural color when there are so many color combinations out there just waiting to be tried.

For those girly girls who can’t get enough of pink, or those who want to show off their playful side, you’ll be glad to hear about the top three pink hair trends and how to pull them off with style and class!

1. Pink Ombre

Ombre has been making its presence known for a while now and we are loving it. The hair gradient looks just as good with a splash of color. Pink Ombre can be pulled off in a variety of hues from hot pink to pastel. As the onlookers notice the color change from your natural color at the crown to the vibrant color at the tips, this combination screams, “I like to have fun!”

We have found the best way to make your color stand out is to start with a blonde base. One of the most sought-after shades of pink ombre is Barbie pink for those Barbie girls living happy to be living in a Barbie world. Yet if you ask us, the multi-pink ombre is the real winner in this game: light blonde roots that work their way down from pastel pink to hot pink to a bright violet at the tips. It’s all about showing off your attention to detail.

2. Midnight Rose

Some brunettes might argue it isn’t always blondes that have more fun. It can take quite a long time and many visits to the salon to properly lift your hair color, making it a perfect canvas. To avoid damaging dark hair by over-bleaching or for those who might work in a more conservative work environment, Midnight Rose is your new best friend. This almost natural-looking shade goes well with all skin tones and haircuts.

From top to bottom this all-over color is dramatic and cool at the same time. It would be hard to find a judgmental boss or relative who would dare say this change in color is absolutely not suited for the workplace or a formal gathering. Midnight Rose, sometimes also referred to as black cherry, is like a conditioning treatment that leaves you and your hair feeling sexy and stunning. The best part is, the feeling of finally getting to release the punk goddess from within.

3. Metallic Violet Rose

A trend that is combining two dreamy colors — violet and rose — to create a deeper color that still gives off the metallic vibe. But please don’t confuse violet rose with rose gold; the deeper violet tones with a subtle pink touch is chart-topping for the best mash-up lately.

This color combo is adored and embraced by both blondes and brunettes and everything in between. Just as we are all born with our own special features and tones of hair color, the metallic violet rose will look slightly different from person to person. Talking to an experienced colorist about your hair coloring ideas will also help you develop the best hues to flatter your skin tone and eye color.

Are you interested in trying out some of the latest trends? We would love to hear from you!

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