Give Your ‘Do a Fresh Look for 2018

With a new year comes a whole world of new possibilities, new opportunities for a new you. What better way to start that transformation than with a new look. It’s your chance to experiment, try something new. Don’t let yourself be held back by how you’ve done things in the past. Try out some of these ideas and see what feels right.

Try Some Plaits

Throw back to school girl braid style with quick, fun plaits. With little effort you can still get a neat, well-put-together look and a beautiful shine. To give it a more grown-up edge, keep it loose and asymmetrical.

Go Silver

The big new trend in hair color isn’t grey but silver. Go for the sleek, glossy metallic look with a stunning, silver mane.

Let the Curls Out

If we’ve learned anything from 2017, it’s that it’s OK to embrace curly and natural hair. Don’t just accept it but lean into it. Preserve your curls and dial it back with the brushing. Let those curls get bigger and better.

Half-up Bun

Relaxed but elegant is the look to go for. Try putting half of your hair up in a bun and just tuck the rest of it behind your ears and let it flow.

The Wavy Side-Part

You want your hair to look wavy and fun but effortless. Tuck your hair back on one side, and let your hair run down the other side of your face.

Don’t Hide the Roots

Don’t stress about keeping your hair uniformly bright and platinum blonde. The chic new look is the dirty blonde. Keep your roots dark and dye the rest of your hair a warm, medium blonde.

Dig up Your Old Scrunchies

While we’re traveling back in time, use an old scrunchy hair tie for a cool, loose ponytail. Go for a smaller, subdued scrunchy, and nothing too complicated, large or distracting.

Get Blown Away

For an up-to-the-moment, sophisticated but whimsical look, try the flyaway fringe. It can go wrong, but done right it’s a cool, textured updo. Try it out today.

Slick It Back

The glossy, wet, super slicked-back look has been all the rage on runways this season. Try out this look and make your hair shine.

The Boyish Look

Make a change and go for a light pixie cut. Or go for a really new boyish look with a side-part and some tasteful bangs.

Pin up That Side-Part

Try out a classy side-part and secure it with just a little bobby pin for a simple, inspired new look.

Go Back for the Barrettes

Barrettes have returned with a vengeance in 2018. Go for an elegant retro look you can perfect with minimal effort. Keep the hair simple so attention goes to the barrettes, and slide them on to make them just about level with the tip of the ears.

Big and Beautiful

Don’t be afraid to show off your luscious, healthy hair. The glamorous look with lots of hair is back, so don’t be afraid to let it shine.

Pick up the Hairband

The big thing at runways this year was the hairband. Make it your look for 2018 with a simple, subdued hairband look, or spice it up with bows or a low ponytail.

Braid and Decorate

Try out the unique look for the new year with an oversized braid, but don’t leave it at that. Decorate with floral pins or bows in a scattered, natural pattern.

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