Gorgeous Guest Hairstyles for Any Wedding

Summer doesn’t just mean more time in the sun, it also means that wedding season has arrived. Over 30 percent of weddings in the U.S. occur between June and August, meaning that it is likely that your summer weekends have been booked up by friends’ weddings. This means finding more dresses, more shoes and more hairstyles. It gets tiring doing the same thing for every wedding, so changing up your hairstyle can bring a fresh look to an old outfit, or bring you from black tie to casual in a snap. Here are a few hairstyles that you can utilize for all the weddings that you’ll be attending this summer.


  • Hair Piece: Hair pieces are incredibly trendy right now and can help boost any type of hairstyle. Pick a sleek and sparkly accessory to pair with a pretty updo for a formal wedding. For a more casual wedding, pick a funky accessory that will go with any hairstyle, whether it’s simply tucking your hair behind your ear or pairing it with a half updo.
  • Edgy: Dare to be different by giving your hair an edgier look. Try punk banks with short hair to spice up a pixie or leave a larger chunk of hair out of a messy bun. A cool style that is simple to do.
  • Braids: Many models and actresses have been rocking different styles of braids. For a casual wedding, add braids into a well-known style, or even stick to just a thick side braid. For a more formal wedding, try something cool like a reverse French braid to stand out in a good way.
  • Ribbons: Class up a standard ponytail by adding a ribbon around it. The more casual the setting, the funkier the ribbon can be.


  • Coiffed Curls: Side swept curls are a sure show stopper for a formal wedding. Use a cool hair accessory to keep them to one side, or simply let them flow where they will. Use some product to keep them glossy and in place.
  • Waves: Similar to curls, well done waves create a soft frame for the face that comes off as very elegant. Keep the waves wide to denote class instead of beachy.
  • Vintage: Try a vintage hairstyle to have something unique. Many of them will accommodate a hat for more traditional church services, but it won’t look like you’re trying too hard for the reception.


  • Beach Waves: Add some crimp and some salt spray to give your hair a messy and tousled look for a casual wedding. Whether or not it’s at the beach. This hairstyle is no hassle, and you don’t have to worry about letting your hair down at the end of the night.
  • Messy Bun: A twist on the more formal sock bun, messy buns can combine braids, twists, or wisps in order to create a relaxed and pretty updo.
  • Wispy Updo: After you finish your updo, whether it is a bun, ponytail, or something more complex, take a few wisps of hair out to frame your face. Straighten them and pull them under slightly or curl them to create a softer look. This will downplay your style so you don’t look too over the top for the occasion.
  • Exaggerated Ponytail: Summer weddings are hot, so a ponytail may be the perfect solution. Add some volume in front by teasing the roots, then curl the ponytail to give a slightly more elegant look. This will bring your ponytail from sporty to wedding ready.

With wedding season upon us, you’re already looking to spend a lot of money on outfits and gifts. Save some money and have some fun by using these unique hairstyles to give new life to some of your outfits, so instead of a new dress, it can be a new do.

Featured photo source: Pexels.com

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