Gorgeous Hairstyles for the 2017 Holidays

The holiday season has arrived. That means loads of stress and anxiety, but it also means seeing all of your friends and family and all sorts of holiday parties. With all of the other things on your plate, it can be hard to find the time to make sure you look your best, or to break out of your rut and try something new with your hair. So here’s a number of exciting and easy hairstyles you can use for an elegant new look, just in time for all of those big events coming up on your calendar.

The High Bun

A bun is a perfect and easy way to add a bit of glamour to your holiday style. You just pull your hair up into a hair-tie toward the back of the top of your head. Put your thumb down on the hair-tie and wrap a thin section of the ends of your hair over the thumb. You can use bobby pins to hold that section down to the hair-tie, and then finish the full bun by bringing the remaining part of the tail around the loop you made with your thumb. Pin it in place and you’re all set!

The Next-Level Ponytail

The ponytail is a classic, but with just an extra few steps, you can make this simple, straightforward style a chic sensation. And it looks great with shorter hair! Start by taking hair from the sides of your head by your ears, twisting each tail a couple of times and bringing them back to meet behind your head. Pin them there, and then bring the rest of your hair back and up with a hair-tie to meet the side-twists. For an even simpler but still fashionable look, simply add extra waves to your hair with a curling iron and sweep it gracefully to the side. Secure with an elastic and let the waves spill over your shoulder.

The Wavy Look

You don’t have to spend hours on your hair for it to look great! For this look, simply part your hair to the side after washing and conditioning, and blow-dry to keep it gentle and smooth. Use a curling iron to add elegant, loose waves. Get some quality hair gel and then take and twist small sections of hair starting from each temple. Make those twists and then bring them together toward the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins.

The Twist-Wrapped Updo

For an elegant style that looks sophisticated but relaxed, you can try out a twisted chignon. Keep it loose and don’t worry about it being perfect – it’ll look better that way. Part your hair in sections. Tie a bun up in a hair tie with the hair from the back. Then take small sections of hair, starting by your temples, and twist toward the back, braiding it together with the rest of the hair left on the side (remember to keep it loose!). Secure the end of each of those side-twists with a hair-tie. Then pull each side-twist back, over and around the bun, securing it under the bun. Then spray to keep everything perfectly in place.

The Triple Flip Tail

To try out this style, start by center-parting your hair. Take a thin section of hair at each temple and bring them back to your neck. Secure them together at the back of your neck with a hairband, and then take the tail and invert it by flipping it back over the hairband and down. Then do this two more times with other sections of hair. Pull them back, tie them and invert them for a suave but simple layered look.

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