Pretty Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Whether single or partnered, everyone deserves to look their most attractive, especially on Valentine’s Day. That might include experimenting with some dreamy, romantic hairstyles. Whether your hair is long or short, you can make these alluring styles work by using extensions or clip-ons.

A Heart Bun

Are you daring enough to honor St. Valentine by turning your locks a temporary shade of pink? You will really wow ‘em with this sweetheart bun. You can tint your hair and twist it into a heart secured by bobby pins. You may choose to forego the tint and dazzle with your own natural color for a more subdued appearance.

French Braid Crown

Every queen needs her crown, so make yours out of a French braid that gently winds around your head. If you want to bling it up a bit more, just add some crystal hair accessories that also serve as anchors for your French braid.

If you prefer, you can achieve much of the same effect by plaiting two side braids and making them meet at the crown of your head. Tuck the two ends under the braid. You might also add a touch of Valentine’s whimsy by incorporating pink or red ribbons into the braids themselves or adorning the finished project with a flattering bow.

Cascading Curls

He won’t be able to keep his fingers from running through your cascades of silky curls. A loosely braided heart in the back above your curls makes you the perfect target of Cupid’s love arrows. Curly extensions work their magic on ladies with hair that’s too fine or straight to hold a curl.

Love-Knot Bun

An ultra-feminine updo at the nape of your neck is simultaneously demure and understatedly sexy. Those with shorter hair can add extensions to make the style work, while ladies with longer locks only need to tease and twist their hair into a poufy bun. Add a fashionable silver heart-shaped clip to complete the look for Valentine’s Day date night.

Bantu Knots

This traditional African-American hairstyle is centuries old — a timeless and classic look for those women who want to honor their ancestral roots. Start by gathering small, evenly sized sections of hair into heart-shaped patterns with the end of a rat-tail comb. Once a section is free of tangles, twist it in one direction and wind the spiral back down to the head in a knot. Use bobby pins to hold each Bantu knot in place.

Just-Mussed Bun

If you want to look hot but not like you spent all day in the salon, this simple style is both easy and attractive. For ladies whose hair is both thick and textured, use your hands to gather hair loosely at the back of the head. Twist it gently into a loose bun, then use an underlying strand of hair to wrap around the bun and tuck it under. If your hair is thick enough, you won’t even need any pins to hold it in place. To make it more romantic, loosen a few curly tendrils at the base of the bun. A few spritzes of a light hair spray should hold it in place. One flick of a finger can later spill your tresses down around your shoulders for a super-sexy look.

While these styles are perfect to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love, you can create them on any day of the year when you want to look a bit lovelier.

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