Summer Hairstyles to Keep You Cool

While summer may be the time of cute sun dresses and bright outfits, it does not always transfer to great hair. Due to both humidity and sweat, often we find that any intricate hairdo falls flat, and anything simple frizzes out. So we’re left with ponytails and thrown together buns, all we feel that we can do to fully get our hair off of our neck and out of our face. However, there are some great, glam styles out there that you can use this summer, while still staying cool. Here are just a few examples:

Classy for Corporate
Despite the fact that all you likely want to do during summer is be outside enjoying the weather, unfortunately you still have to go to work. Working in the air conditioning is often a safe place for hairstyles, but the key is getting your hairstyle from your door to the office door. Here are a few examples of ‘dos you can use to remain both professional and picturesque.

Top Knot
The top knot is a classic look that is great at getting all of your hair away from any sweaty part of you. Do a simple top knot if you’re in a hurry, but if it’s a particularly humid day, turn it sleek by adding some gel or wax to keep everything back and in place.

Genie Ponytail
Add some punch to your pony by giving it loads of volume at the base. Start the volumizing, helped by a spray if you’d like, at the back of the head, and keep the ponytail high. This creates a cute ponytail that is office appropriate, while not taking too much of your time in the morning.

Pretty by the Pool
The great thing about summer is that the “just walked out of the ocean” sort of disheveled look is not only acceptable, but it’s fashionable. Use these styles that combine a relaxed vibe with a cool twist in order to create a style that’s both practical and gorgeous.

Deconstructed Fishtail
Many of you may be asking why you would deconstruct something you worked hard to get, especially if you have long or thick hair which makes it infinitely longer. Deconstructing the braid can either add volume, if you’re doing it just a little, or it can create a chic messy look if you almost completely pull it apart.

Cinched Ponytail
Another twist on the classic pony, use either clear or colored plastic bands every few inches of your ponytail (less for short hair). Then yank the portions out so you create almost a bubble chain effect all the way down. Simple yet unique.

Artful Accessories
Between music festivals and retro styles, there are plenty of ‘dos that are recommending accessories this season. Get out your scarves or go Coachella style with a flower headband to upscale a simple look.

Tuck and Cover
Put your hair into a loose half up half down ponytail. Use a lightweight scarf, and tie it around the top of your head, over the ponytail in the back. Then thread the ponytail up and behind the scarf, pulling it down the bottom. Then carefully cover the back portion of the scarf with your hair. This creates a cute look that requires almost no work at all, not to mention it keeps your scarf in place!

Headband Boost
A simple headband not only ups your ‘do, it also keeps that hair away from your face. Use a simple flower headband for your everyday, or bump it up with shine if you’re headed out. Either way, it’s a style that works with every occasion.

Don’t let your hair go limp this summer. Use any one of these amazing hairstyles to pump up the volume and the style points!

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