Top Hair Health Tips

Your lovely tresses say so much about you, including your style and personality, regardless of how pleased we actually are or not with our day-to-day look. Many of us are constantly looking for ways to get the hair and ‘do that we’ve always wanted, and the way we treat our locks is an important part of that.

From near and far, here are some of the top techniques, steps and hair health tips…

  • Keep it safe from the elements. Whenever you’re going to be outside, keep your hair safe from the sun, wind, rain and other elements by covering it with a hat, scarf or umbrella. When you expose your tresses to UV rays, heat, dirt, pollution and the other elements of the great outdoors, it can become dried out or built up with grime (even if you can’t see it).
  • Shampoo smart. Cold water (room temperature is fine) is much healthier for your hair when shampooing, so try to go as cold as you can when you wash your hair. It is also very beneficial to use a clarifying shampoo about once per month to remove any product build-up and sort of reset your hair.
  • Practice careful conditioning. Moisturizing your locks isn’t as simple as lathering on a gob of conditioner and calling it good. Do it the right way. First, purchase a conditioner that is right for your hair – ask your stylist if you need some pointers. When you’re conditioning in the shower, start about two inches away from your scalp to avoid getting it oily.
  • Be nice to your hair when it’s wet. When your hair is wet from the shower, pool, etc. it is vulnerable to breakage and damage – particularly the shaft and roots. Be gentle when you shampoo, and avoid brushing right away.
  • Avoid getting too hot or too tight. Most hair-conscious people know that too much heat is harmful to your hair. It strips the moisture and results in dry, frizzy and even burned hair! Avoid using hot tools as much as possible, and always use a hair protectant first, if you do. In addition to heat, braiding and putting your hair up too tightly can cause frizziness, friction, and eventually result in breakage. So, braid a little looser, and go for more gentle hair ties when doing your ponytail.
  • Eat with your hair at heart. Did you know that your diet can affect your hair health? There are some foods that are packed with vitamins that are really good for your hair – both its growth and strength. Click here to peruse a quick list.

We hope this list helps you improve the health of your hair! And if you’re in the need for some color, styling, and other glamorous hair services, give us a shout.

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