Top Hairstyles for Fall 2017

The seasons are changing and it’s time to update more than just your wardrobe. With the fresh fall air upon us, we say goodbye to summer’s heat and humidity, and welcome the chance to try out new hairstyles without the fear of frizz! The top haircut trends for fall are bringing new and innovative looks to the streets as well as new twists on old classics for today’s modern lady. Whether you have long hair, straight hair or super-short hair, fall 2017 has something in store for you.

Long Hair Styles

Long Waves – We are referring to those long and loose waves that remind you of being a kid and sleeping with your hair in braids. Easily achieved with a 1-inch curling iron, there is a casual feel to these waves. No pressure, just a carefree hang.

Not Your Standard Side – The deep side part makes you feel one-part shy girl and one-part pin-up! Plus, when your position is far enough to the side it brings a little bit of natural volume to the party.

Super-Straight – It’s time to show how versatile your hair can be: wavy one day and straight the next. It doesn’t matter if you place the part in the middle or on the side, this glam girl hairstyle looks great both ways. It’s amazing what a quality hair iron and good hair protectant can do to keep from roasting your tresses without sacrificing a lot of time. You’ll be ready for the spotlight in no time.

Medium Hair Styles

The Shoulder Length Shag – Choppy layers that reach just past the shoulders give off a chic hippie vibe while still being long enough to pull back when you’re working out. Let your hair air dry, after working in a pliable styling cream, when you’re on the fly for a look that’s fab!

Face-Framing Highlights – Whether you are wearing your hair pulled back and letting a few pieces brush your face or letting it all hang loose, you are going to want face-framing highlights. Be sure to ask your hair care specialist about the colors that best compliment your skin and hair.

Curls with Bangs – Embrace natural textures and stop holding your curls back. Most curly girls think bangs are out of the question but a few wispy bangs will compliment a 70s inspired rounded cut.

Short Hair Styles

Buzz It Off – For all those times you’ve said, “I’m just going to get rid of it all!” now is the time to make good on that promise. Celebs like Katy Perry, Amber Rose and Kristen Stewart have taken the plunge this year. Thinking of going platinum blonde? Now’s the time! If you get tired of the blonde, buzz it all off and start over.

Rock the (Mo)hawk – This fall, girls are looking more badass than ever by keeping the sides short and letting the middle of the top and the back give new meaning to centerpiece!

Textured Bob – Imagine the old-school bowl cut meets bed head. Experiment with a length that best compliments your face. Keeping the cut short, above the ears, or keeping it a bit longer, between the ears and the chin, might have been weird on all those middle-school boys but we girls are giving it body and swagger. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of the latest pastel color trends for a more modern look.

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