Top New Holiday Styles

Holiday Season 2016 is promising to be a dazzling one with some hot new style options for you to celebrate the season. There are fabulous style options for every look, long or short, classic or edgy, so it is a great time to let your style take it up a notch or two. The holidays are a wonderful time of year to try that new up-do, or add some glitzy hair accessories that you wouldn’t normally try the rest of the year.

  • Braids are back! Well, they have never been out and continue to go strong for the holidays. Check out a braided topknot. Lovely side swept fishtail braids are a nod to your sexy, romantic side. Want a more casual braid? The crown braid with a bun is perfect for those more relaxed celebrations. For a sleeker, more elegant look, consider trying the upside-down French braid.

  • Short styles celebrate! There is no need to feel left out of the party hair glitz just because you have short tresses. Short waves for a messy, yet voluminous look is achieved with a 1 inch curling wand and styling compound to hold the scrunches. Add some glitzy hair accessories to your short bob, along with some shine and you have instant shimmery party goodness

  • Long locks rock! Jessica Alba perfects this half up do and you will too at your holiday soiree. Timeless elegance is achieved with this center parted chignon. A sleek, glam ponytail may be low maintenance, but it is not low on elegance. Long locks always look special with a twisted up do. Secure it with some glittery accessories and you will define the party.

Check out these long, beachy waves topped off with a pretty holiday clip.

Whether you are long or short, sleek elegance or casually soft, the holidays are the time to go for it with that new style you have been watching. Take the plunge and it will be your best holiday style, yet!

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