Top Things to Know About Hair Extensions

People Get Extensions for a Number of Reasons

There are a number of reasons why someone might need hair extensions. From a formal gala announced shortly after the decision to get a pixie cut to partial hair loss due to an accident, such as a fire, there are as many reasons to get hair extensions as there are styles. Regardless of whether you want something that blends perfectly or stands out — like crayon-colored highlights — extensions can change your look quickly and effectively. However, if you’ve tried extensions before, you probably know that the wrong kind of extensions can look fake and can even damage your hair.

Hair Extensions with Glue or Clips Aren’t the Best

The ideal standard for hair extensions is to have extensions that blend with the texture and color of the natural hair on the head. Extensions that are attached with glue, wax, or clips are often noticeably different from the rest of the hair on the head. They also tend to create lumps and bumps in your hair that can be off-putting to those who touch your hair. Combine that with the possibility of real damage to your hair, and many kinds of extensions have as many drawbacks as they have benefits.

Generally, if you want hair extensions, you want something that will increase the length and fullness of your hair without creating damage or leaving an obvious seam between your hair and the extensions. If you want natural looking extensions that won’t damage your hair, PerfectTress is your best option.

PerfectTress Extensions Look Beautiful and Natural

At Stan Parente Salons, we are proud to offer one the best and most realistic looking extension systems: PerfectTress. We have stylists who are certified to properly install gorgeous PerfectTress extensions for you, ensuring you have the beautiful, full head of hair you want. PerfectTress attaches to your hair without any noticeable bumps or lumps. In fact, you won’t even be able to feel the connections between the extensions and your natural hair. That seamless attachment is one of the reasons that celebrities and models use PerfectTress!

Because it doesn’t use clips or glue, PerfectTress extensions are safer for your hair. They won’t damage your natural hair like many other forms of extensions might. In terms of time, PerfectTress is comparable to other forms of extensions. It takes roughly an hour and a half to attach your PerfectTress extensions. Once you try them, you won’t ever want to use another extension system again!

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